JOE LIEBERMAN WATCH….Ezra Klein comments on Joe Lieberman’s almost palpable eagerness these days for a U.S. attack on Iran:

There was a period when the anger between Lieberman and the Democratic Party really did seem to center around a limited disagreement on the path forward in Iraq. At this point, though, Lieberman’s hawkishness seems more of an unthinking positioning device. But it’s very serious, and will undoubtedly receive a warm reception on the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

The WSJ and the Weekly Standard, along with the rest of the mouth breathers, will undoubtedly continue their love affair with Joe. But am I the only one who thinks that the mainstream media is mostly treating Lieberman with only barely concealed ridicule these days? His more-hawkish-than-thou schtick has gotten so over the top in the past few months that he seems almost a figure of pity more than anything else.

If I were less lazy I’d troll around in Google for some supporting evidence on this, but I don’t really feel like spending my morning on Joe Lieberman research. And it’s a pretty subtle thing anyway. So I’ll just throw it out: Does anyone else get the sense that the press is treating Lieberman with a notch less respect than it used to? Or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

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