THE SPEECH….I actually fell asleep during Bush’s speech. Seriously. When I woke up Jack Reed was talking to me. Very unprofessional blogging behavior.

So, no comments on the speech. Instead, here are quickie takes on the four presidential candidates that Larry King interviewed afterward. Barack Obama: seemed halting and unsure of himself. Too scripted. Not his best performance. Rudy Giuliani: made Obama look fluent and brilliant. He was all over the map, and had the highest buzzword-to-content quotient I’ve seen in a long while. John Edwards: pretty good! Made decent points about the lack of political progress and how we could use withdrawal to put pressure on the warring factions in Iraq. His points were mostly sharp and easy to follow. John McCain: pale face, pale hair, pale shirt, soft voice. He just sort of melted away. And what’s with this “Rumsfeld’s war” stuff? Isn’t it “Bush’s war”?

OK, that’s it. I have to go pick up a pizza. Talk amongst yourselves.

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