DURABILITY….I’m obviously short of inspiration for blogging this weekend, so here’s another trivial topic: what items have you bought that had spectacular levels of durability that you never expected? I don’t just mean things that lasted a long time, but things that seemed phenomenal in some very specific way. I’ll mention two.

#1: An old NEC monitor I had about 15 years ago. It was amazing. It never got dusty and it never needed cleaning. Fingerprints just vanished. I don’t know what sort of magical pixie dust they applied to the glass, but it was miraculous.

#2: The EckAdams chair I’m sitting in right now. Once a day for about the last ten years Inkblot has jumped into it and clawed the living daylights out of the fabric. For about a minute he goes bananas and digs into it as if it’s every cat’s worst enemy. And yet….it’s still in perfect condition. Like the day I bought it. What sort of space age material is the thing made out of? Whatever it is, I wish our very expensive living room carpet were made out of the same stuff.

Needless to say, the list of things that collapsed into ruin far faster than they should have would be considerably longer. But let’s leave that for another day. Today we celebrate durability.