FEEL THE LOVE….Bill Sammon talks to a “senior White House official” for his new book, The Evangelical President, and gets an early read on how the GOP plans to react after they lose the 2008 election:

Democrats understand the negative consequences of moving too quickly to reverse Bush’s Iraq policy [he said]. The official noted that in the wake of Vietnam, anti-war Democrats “suffered for 20-some-odd years because they were identified as the party, when it came to national security, of being weak.”

….”One of two things will happen if a Democrat gets elected president,” he said. “They will either have to withdraw U.S. troops in order to remain true to the rhetoric — in which case, any consequences in the aftermath fall on their heads. Or they have to break their word, in which case they encourage fratricide on the left of their party. Now that’s a thorny issue to work through.”

Yes indeedy. If Iraq fails, all the consequences will fall directly on Democratic heads. Democratic heads. With a capital D. You can almost feel the knife twisting. Do you think he managed to deliver that line to Sammon with a straight face?

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