FUNDRAISING….Bloomberg reports that Hillary Clinton may be about to “blunt one of rival Barack Obama’s few advantages” in the presidential race:

As the campaigns press donors with predictions that their candidate is losing the fund-raising race, both Clinton and Obama are set to report about $20 million in donations during the third quarter, which ends Sept. 30, according to campaign officials and fund-raisers.

A failure to out-raise Clinton would deprive Obama of the momentum he needs to overcome his rival’s significant leads in national and key state polls.

This is crazy. Obama is on track to raise maybe 3x what the leading candidates in 2004 raised for primary season. He’s already raised $60 million compared to Howard Dean’s $50 million for the entire 2004 race. There’s just no way he could seriously be expected to do much better than that. Have we really gotten to the point where an insurgent candidate can raise nearly $80 million by September and still be considered a disappointment? Holy cow.

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