CORRUPTION….The State Department isn’t impressed with anticorruption efforts in Iraq’s government ministries:

The Ministry of Interior is seen by Iraqis as untouchable….Corruption investigations in Ministry of Defense are judged to be ineffectual….corruption investigations are clearly inadequate in the Ministry of Trade. The Ministry of Health is a sore point….Anticorruption cases concerning the Ministry of Education have been particularly ineffective….the Ministry of Water Resources it is effectively out of the anticorruption fight….the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs is hostile to the prosecution of corruption cases….In the Ministry of Displacement & Migration there has been only one investigation initiated or complaint made about any person identified with the Shia. Anticorruption activity efforts are in practical measure devoid in the Ministry of Science and Technology….In the Ministry of Youth & Sports no cases have made it to trial because the minister has granted Article 136B immunity from trial on wholesale bases….Only one conviction has ever come from corruption cases in the entire city of Baghdad.

Did I leave any out?

Actually, yes. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, and the Ministry of Electricity are also hopelessly corrupt. I think that’s all of them.

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