FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….When we first got Domino, she decided that she wasn’t really that thrilled with the whole water dish idea. So every night, when we set the table for dinner, she’d jump up and start lapping water out of Marian’s glass. We’d toss her down, and she’d jump back up. Finally, we gave in to the inevitable and just gave her her own glass. It’s a USC tumbler that now resides permanently on our coffee table, and as near as I can tell it’s the only thing she drinks out of. She can only stuff her face about halfway down, of course, and knocks it over if it gets too empty. So we make sure to top it off every morning. We are well trained.

As for Inkblot, he’ll drink out of anything. Puddles in the backyard are a favorite. Yesterday, though, he was just sitting on the bench showing off his vast expanse of tummy fur. Vast, I tell you.