BLOGS….Apparently on the theory that it’s better to have critics inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in, the city of Santa Ana recently appointed several bloggers to sit on city commissions. The experiment isn’t working out so well:

The bloggers, who write for, often use inflammatory language and innuendo. They have attacked the motives of city officials, questioned whether favoritism influenced the awarding of city contracts, and criticized officials who don’t live in the city.

….Councilwoman Michele Martinez has asked the blog’s founder, Art Pedroza, to stop his writing or resign from the Housing and Redevelopment Commission….Pedroza said he would not resign.

“They will have to dismiss me,” he said. “Their complaints, for the most part, don’t reflect my performance as a commissioner but their disagreement with my writings. They knew we were bloggers when they appointed us, and they knew Santa Ana was the focus on the blog.”

Can you imagine? They appointed some critics to city positions and the critics remained critical! Clearly blogs are a menace to the social order.