RSS FEEDS….Every once in a while someone asks me why we don’t supply full RSS feeds here at the Monthly. Lazy slug that I am, my usual response is that I don’t know. Then I lean back and eat another potato chip. But guess what? It turns out there’s a reason I don’t know: it’s because it isn’t true. We supply both partial and full RSS feeds. Here’s the URL for the full feed:

I suppose the next question is why we don’t publicize the full feed, and this time I really don’t know. Probably a decision lost in the mists of time. But it’s there nonetheless.

Speaking of RSS feeds, a few weeks ago I switched to Google Reader just like everyone recommended, and it works pretty well. Thanks! It turns out that Bloglines has a feature that was actually sort of useful to me, namely that I could just click my browser’s Back button to backtrack through the various feeds I’d just read. Google Reader doesn’t let you do that, which means that it’s harder for me to go back and remember where I just saw something a few minutes ago. Still, the “Starred Items” feature helps make up for that, and Google is generally faster and more flexible than Bloglines. So for now, Google Reader is it.

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