FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Here is last night’s domestic scene at Chez Drum. Inkblot is snoozing on the carpet waiting for someone to feed him. Domino is asserting possession of Marian’s purse by the usual feline expedient of smooching herself on it. And Marian herself, blissfully unaware that her purse is the object of a power grab, is working the LA Times Sudoku puzzle.

By the way, although Domino has gotten chubbier since we first got her, Inkblot, as you all know, has lost weight ever since we switched to Hill’s diet cat food. He’s stabilized at about 17 pounds, down from 22, and although that’s heavier than the vet would like, I figure it’s a pretty good effort. And you know what? He really is more active than he used to be, though I admit you can hardly tell it from today’s picture. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I am. After all, when I’ve lost weight in the past, I haven’t gotten more active. I guess cats are different. Or I am. Or something.