FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Revenge is a dish best served cold, no? Since last week’s catblogging included Marian in the background, she decided that this week’s catblogging should include me in the background. So here I am, yesterday morning, snoozing away with all my critters. Official excuse for this photo: “You looked so cute! If I didn’t take a picture, I didn’t think you’d believe me.” Right.

Anyway, despite appearances, I’m not really asleep in this picture. I’m actually deeply in thought, planning out what I’m going to say on the blog for the rest of the day. The cats, as always, think the day’s main subject should be the basics: food, sleep, and warm blankets. I’m thinking the subject should be the bankruptcy of modern conservatism. I won, because I was the only one with the initiative to get up out of bed and actually go down to the computer.

So how are you sleeping these days? Or, more to the point, how are your critters sleeping these days? Blissfully?

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