BIG BROTHER….Here’s some overkill for you. After a Marin County website was hacked to redirect users to a pornographic Web site, the GSA stepped in and obstructed every state and local website in the state of California:

Federal authorities, who have ultimate authority over most local and state Web sites, attempted to block all domains ending in Tuesday, [state spokesman Jim Hanacek] said. State agencies across California experienced rolling e-mail and Web site outages for about seven hours, and Internet users had trouble pulling up some state Web sites, he said.

….”GSA is responsible for the integrity of all the .gov Web sites it manages,” the agency said in a statement. “The potential exposure of pornographic material to the citizens and tens of thousands of children in California was a primary motivator for GSA to request immediate corrective action.”

Weird. I guess we’re lucky they didn’t try to shut down the other 49 states too.