CYBER-FOOTBALL UPDATE….So I’m watching the pregame show today and the announcers say that USC is ranked #7 in both the coaches poll and the Harris poll, but their “projected” rank in tomorrow’s BCS poll is #13. Say what? Since the computers only make up one-third of the BCS rankings, that must mean these guys think USC’s computer ranking is going to be about #20, or maybe even worse. What’s up with that? Why do our silicon overlords hate USC?

(Two notes. First, this is a longstanding gripe with the computers. They hate us. Why? Second, I’m not really all that upset about this since I think USC got off pretty lightly in the human polls. Anyone can have a bad week and lose a close game, but USC has had two bad weeks in a row and is currently so bruised up they’re lucky they can field a team. I’d be hard pressed to keep them in the top ten, myself.)

Anyway, the game starts in a few minutes. Go Trojans!

UPDATE: Woo hoo! A 20-13 victory at home over an unranked opponent. That’s showing ’em.