THE BICAMERAL MIND….I dunno. Now matter how hard I look, the dancer only goes clockwise. Supposedly that means I’m right-brained, which is pretty laughable if the site’s left brain/right brain list of attributes is anything to go by. Is this thing for real, or some kind of trick?

Go check it out and leave your results in comments. Via Alex Tabarrok.

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Hooray! I finally got her to change direction. For me, the trick is to cover up everything but her legs and stare for a few seconds. Then the direction switches. Do it again, and I can get it to switch back. So far, no luck doing this while looking at the entire picture.

I have no idea what this says about my brain. Nothing good, I imagine. Maybe in the morning I’m left-brained and in the afternoon I’m right-brained?

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