O CANADA!….A reader from the chilly climes of Canada emails with some fundraising advice:

With the Canadian dollar now at par with the American dollar, it should be easier than ever to fork over a few loonies for the kind of writing you serve up every day. Cajole and tease us — we love that shit! — and I will bet you’ll see a whole bunch of donations from your gentle northern neighbors.

Cajole and tease, eh? Fine. Want to know where your precious Stanley Cup is, folks? Right here in Orange County, California. Want proof? Here you go: “A Day With Hockey’s Holy Grail,” courtesy of the LA Times.

Is that enough to get all my Canadian readers to send us some money? How about all my German and British and French and Mexican and Danish readers? Your credit card company will happily convert your euros and pounds and pesos and kroner into dollars in a trice. And you Americans, too: don’t think this lets you off the hook. If you haven’t contributed yet, now’s your chance. If you enjoy reading this blog, help keep it alive by throwing a few bucks our way.

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