RUDY UPDATE (AFTERNOON EDITION)….Dick Polman runs down the evolving list of excuses Rudy has offered up for hiding security detail expenses in obscure city agency accounts here.

Excuse #5 — I did it in order to help the men in blue get their expenses reimbursed more quickly — never made sense in the first place (why not just do it openly if that’s the real reason?), but in any case gets shot down here:

The current New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said today he knew of no problems with the delay of payments before Giuliani was mayor, when Kelly served under Mayor David Dinkins, or since.

“I don’t recall anybody, any statements about delay,” Kelly told reporters.

He said all bills for the police details for Dinkins and now for Mayor Mike Bloomberg are handled directly “through the police department.”

Meanwhile, Rudy’s campaign is in full panic mode, flatly refusing to talk to the press:

“We’ve already explained it,” he said, walking past reporters after a town hall meeting.

Giuliani, who is normally friendly to reporters, bristled past them, and campaign staffers were unusually physical in keeping the press away. Several campaign aides told campaign reporters to return to the press area, and some of his security detail manhandled reporters.

“We’ve already explained it.” Uh huh. I sure hope he doesn’t think that excuse is going to tide him through the upcoming week.