HUCKABEE’S BLOOD-LUST?….I hesitate to give too much attention to Mike Huckabee’s promote-my-ad-for-free attack, but Michael Crowley raises a good point.

About mid-way through the ad, during a litany of accusations against Mitt Romney, Huckabee criticizes his rival with this data point: “No executions.”

Apparently, Huckabee — you know, the evangelical, pro-life Republican — is going after Romney for not having executed any Americans during his gubernatorial tenure.

I realize Republican politics are far more crass than norms should allow, but it’s disconcerting to think “You didn’t kill anyone” has suddenly become a criticism in conservative circles.

Clearly, the implication is that Romney is somehow “soft on crime.” But given the Wayne Dumond controversy, this seems like a subject matter Huckabee should want to avoid.

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