A TIME FOR CHOOSING….Anybody feel like predicting results in today’s primary contests? It’s a mug’s game, for sure, but I’ll go with Huckabee in South Carolina and Clinton (barely) in Nevada. Considering my track record, this is probably a death knell for both of them, but whatever. Go ahead and show off your predictive powers in comments, with extra points for getting close to the final numbers.

UPDATE: I’m one for two so far! Clinton wins Nevada 51%-45%, a little bit bigger margin than I would have guessed. On to South Carolina…..

UPDATE 2: With 65% of the precincts reporting, McCain is leading Huckabee in South Carolina. Damn. But I won’t give up until every last vote has been counted.

However, Fred Thompson is dragging in the cat with 16% of the vote in a state he should have done well in. I predict an early exit for ol Freddy.

FINAL UPDATE: Looks like McCain eked out a win in SC, 33%-30%. Thompson managed a few thousand votes more than Romney, which means he officially gets third place. Will that be enough to fool him into thinking he should soldier on?

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