EARMARKS….President Bush plans to demonstrate his fiscal toughness tonight:

In his State of the Union address tonight, Bush will promise to “veto any spending bill that does not succeed in cutting earmarks in half from 2008 levels,” deputy press secretary Tony Fratto said in an e-mail.

Bush will issue an executive order tomorrow directing federal agencies to ignore any earmarks included only in committee reports, not in the text of legislation.

I’ve never been quite as exercised as some people about the whole earmark thing, since earmarks mostly just redirect spending, they don’t increase it. Still, it’s gotten out of hand and I’m fine with Bush making threatening noises about it.

That said, the newfound Republican religion on earmarks is a little hard to take seriously, isn’t it? They were all for them back when Republican districts got 60% of the pork, but suddenly they’re outraged when Republican districts only get 40%. Methinks they protest too loudly.