FRIDAY CAT VLOGGING….Last night it occurred to me that my new camera also shoots video, so I decided to forge boldly into new frontiers and give it a try. Domino was sacked out in her pod and completely immobile, but luckily for me, Inkblot was puttering around at the time and eager to become a matinee idol. So today he makes his debut in a modestly budgeted YouTube production called “Inkblot’s Evening Snack.” Click for dramatic snacking action!

So that was fun. Turns out I shot the thing at the wrong resolution, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. And I should probably track down some kind of simple freeware video editor for this stuff. Any suggestions? Also, why does my embedded clip pop up a bunch of links to other videos when you scroll your mouse over the bottom of the screen? Other embedded YouTube videos I’ve seen don’t do this. How do I get rid of this?

[UPDATE: Hmmm. The popup links only appear in Explorer, not in Firefox. What’s up with that?]

[UPDATE 2: Thanks, jerro!]

Next week: Domino’s star turn! But first I need to get her to do something. Does rolling around in the backyard count?

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