THE POTOMAC PRIMARY….There’s an election today. If you live in the Potomac area, go vote.

I gather that the main topic of conversation isn’t about who’s going to win, it’s about whether Barack Obama is merely going to win or whether he’s going to smoke Hillary into a cinder. And secondarily, about what spin Hillary’s team is going to put on this and whether we should believe it.

Speaking for myself, it seems as if the Democratic primary race is plainly so close that it’s time to stop paying attention to all the expectations nonsense. Both candidates obviously have substantial bases of support, so why not just let everyone vote and see what happens?

But that’s crazy talk, I know, so I’ll add this: it really does seem as if a big Obama victory, expected or not, is going to be a considerable blow to Team Hillary. That’ll be, what? Seven straight blowout victories in a row following a pretty good Super Tuesday showing? And with a full three weeks for everyone to munch on this before the next contest? I’m not counting Hillary out by any means, but it’s sure starting to feel like a helluva uphill battle for her.

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