ROUTER WOES….Last night I went to Micro Center and told one of the salesguys that the signal strength on my WiFi router was lousy. He instantly told me not to screw around with special antennas or anything like that, but to dive in and replace my old G router with a shiny new N router. And luckily for me, they had the Linksys WRT150N on sale for a mere $89. He assured me it was so powerful I’d be lucky if my neighbors didn’t start complaining.

So I got one. Installation did not go as smoothly as one might hope, but it’s now up and running. Signal strength upstairs, however, still sucks. In fact, it might even be worse than before. Anybody have any relevant experience with these things that they’d like to share?

And speaking of routers, what’s the deal with WPA2? I should use it, shouldn’t I? First, though, I guess I have to download the appropriate XP update from Microsoft, which doesn’t come preinstalled on new machines even though it was released nearly three years ago. Blah. Then I have to convince the router that it has a wired connection to my desktop machine. Half of the setup software believes this, but the other half doesn’t. And Linksys tech support doesn’t answer. Double blah.

Moral of the story: After spending a hundred bucks and mucking around for a couple of hours, I can say that I’m manifestly no worse off than I was before. Aren’t computers great?

UPDATE: Oh hell. The Dell Latitude we bought apparently isn’t N-compatible. This explains why the N router isn’t doing any better than the old one. Guess I should have gotten the super-duper antenna after all.