EQUAL TIME FOR HILLARY….An Obama backlash might not make any difference if Hillary Clinton’s campaign keeps taking on water. Just today, we learned that:

  • HRC was unable to put together a full slate of delegates for the Pennsylvania primary. In practice this doesn’t matter (they’ll be assigned later if necessary), but it demonstrates once again just how unprepared the Clinton team was for a campaign that extended beyond Super Tuesday.

  • A “high-ranking Clinton official” confirmed to Politico’s Roger Simon that Hillary would try to pick off Obama’s pledged delegates prior to the convention. Not his superdelegates, who are fair game, but the delegates that Obama has won in the various primaries and caucuses so far. This strategy just reeks of desperation and prompts two questions: (a) why would she do it? and (b) why would a high-ranking campaign official actually admit it? [UPDATE: The Clinton campaign categorically denies they plan to do this.]

  • SurveyUSA reports that Clinton is only barely ahead of Obama in Texas, one of her “firewall” states.

In some ways this is a game of trivia, things that will all be forgotten almost as soon as they’re reported. But a steady drumbeat of this kind of stuff can be deadly, especially for a candidate banking on her experience and party connections. She really needs to step up her game.

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