YOU SAY KOSOVO….Who says Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don’t have distinct policy differences? Moira Whelan offers up this fascinating tidbit:

I was looking at the statements released by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama regarding the announcement of Kosovo’s independence….There are some interesting differences between the two statements that I’m sure will not be lost on a number of voters concerned with this issue who live in Ohio and Pennsylvania, let alone leaders in the rest of the world.

First and most notable is the Clinton reference to “Kosova” and the Obama reference to “Kosovo.” Arguments differ, but suffice to say “Kosova” is considered the pro-Albanian reference while “Kosovo” is the historical name of the region dating back centuries. This may seem subtle to some, but speaks volumes to those who follow the issue.

Question: Is the use of Kosova intended to pander to the pro-Albanian vote? Or is it more of an anti-Serb thing? Seems like more of the latter, and it’s hard to figure out what good that does Hillary or anybody else. Still, since I’m obviously in a mood to document campaign trivia today, I thought I’d pass this along.