NON BLOGGING….I’m having a hard time lately deciding what not to blog about. For example: Should I not blog about the Obama plagiarism non-scandal, surely the silliest campaign kerfuffle since — well, since the beginning of the month at least? So far I’ve managed to not blog about this very successfully.

Or how about the Obama backlash meme? I failed to not blog about that, and got several emails telling me that I was just feeding the meme by commenting on it. Which is true. And yet, it was all over the place. To ignore it seemed like putting my head in the sand.

Then, today, we have the kinda-sorta-maybe-John-McCain-had-a-non-affair non-story in the New York Times. Should I not blog about that? If I didn’t, I think I’d be the only blogger in the galaxy to avoid it.

I’m curious: what do y’all think about this? Should I stick to my guns and avoid this kind of stuff? Or is that just a ridiculous affectation? I mean, if it’s good enough for CNN and the New York Times, who am I to think I’m too high-minded to blog about stories like this? Do you, my loyal readers, deserve the chance to comment on this stuff even if I think it’s silly? Does it seem weird to come over here every day and see boring charts about real wage declines while the entire rest of the world is talking about other, juicier things? Would the blogosphere be a better place if I avoided navel gazing like this in public and just wrote whatever I damn well felt like? Should I just shut up? Inquiring minds want to know.

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