SCIENCE FOR SALE….According to the Weinberg Group’s website, one of their specialties is defending corporate clients with, um, PR problems:

The Weinberg Group knows how critical it is to protect products, markets and revenue streams and to minimize the damage done to corporate image, business and brands. We’ve developed a highly-effective, integrated approach to preparing and defending against attacks on products and processes, averting crises, and diminishing the effects of civil and criminal litigation.

Indeed. Justin Rood reports today that congressional Democrats have some questions about this:

Investigators for the House Energy and Commerce Committee say they have obtained deleted pages from the Weinberg Group’s Web site where the firm took credit for delaying the cancellation of a harmful drug for nearly a decade at the request of two pharmaceutical clients, and other industry victories.

The firm’s efforts “led to an extensive process” and eventually “10 additional years of sales prior to the ultimate cancellation of the drug,” according to a printout of the page provided to ABC News by the committee.

In a March 6 letter, the committee asked Weinberg to turn over documents naming that drug, its manufacturers and the experts it involved in allegedly keeping the drug on sale.

Hey, if they were willing to brag about it on their website, I’m sure they’ll be happy to brag about it under oath in front of a congressional subcommittee. Let’s name some names.

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