FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Fun and games with our new laser printer box: (1) Happy happy happy. (2) Hey, what was that? (3) You want to play, do you? (4) Oh sure, slink away. Coward.

In other news, today is Pi Day (March 14), which can celebrate either the famous transcendental number or (in our house, anyway) the large orange cat named after the famous transcendental number. Pi himself has been chasing transcendental mice in transcendental kitty heaven for many years now, but at least he still has a day named after him.

And finally, since we here at the Washington Monthly like both cats and political activism, you might want to check out “The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism.” To wit: “With web 2.0, we’ve embraced the idea that people are going to share pictures of their cats, and now we build sophisticated tools to make that easier to do.” That’s exactly as it should be.