DEATH AND TAXES….Tout Washington knows that Hillary Clinton hasn’t yet made her tax returns public. “Release the Tax Returns!” is close to joining “No taxation without representation” in the annals of tax-based political slogans. But Jamison Foser points out an odd thing: John McCain, husband of wealthy beer heiress Cindy McCain, hasn’t released his tax returns either:

Not that you would know that from watching MSNBC. According to Nexis, there hasn’t been a single mention on MSNBC this year of the fact that McCain hasn’t released his tax returns. No indication that McCain might even pay taxes, much less that he hasn’t released his returns.

….MSNBC has by no means been unique in keeping secret the fact that John McCain hasn’t released his tax returns. Media Matters has repeatedly documented media raising Clinton’s lack of disclosure without mentioning McCain’s — see here, here, here, and here for examples. During a March 5 online discussion, Washington Post congressional reporter Jonathan Weisman wrote, “I think McCain has” released his tax returns. Weisman was wrong. Not only hasn’t McCain released his taxes, he hasn’t even promised to do so in the future, as Clinton has. But it’s hard to blame Weisman for not knowing this, given that the rest of the news media were all but ignoring the subject.

Hell, I didn’t know this either. And sure, I understand that different treatment is justified since we all know that Hillary Clinton is a conniving, power-hungry shrew while John McCain is a financial boy scout with nothing but the people’s best interests at heart — but hey, it can’t hurt to make sure, can it? Maybe somebody should start asking Honest John the same questions they’re asking Hillary.

The answers to these questions, by the way, will almost certainly be the same in both cases: no surprises. Since neither of them are idiots, I’m sure the payoffs to mob figures and shady fixers will be safely off the books.

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