SCHEDULE FOLLIES….Having spent yesterday excitedly informing us that Hillary Clinton was in the White House when Bill was going at it with Monica (OMG! OMG!), ABC News returns today to let us know that Hillary held a 15-minute “drop-by” in 1993 to help sell NAFTA. These ABC guys are really on top of things, aren’t they? Matt Yglesias comments:

Speaking of which, the Obama campaign seemed very excited that Hillary Clinton’s First Lady schedule indicates she attended pro-NAFTA meetings so perhaps the great NAFTA debate, left for dead in Ohio, will be making a comeback.

I’m not sure what Matt bases this on, but if it’s true it would certainly raise the level of debate in the campaign, wouldn’t it? We could get away from trivial stuff like race, Iraq, and our economic meltdown, and instead have a debate about whether some “brief remarks” Hillary made 15 years ago prove that she was really NAFTA’s biggest cheerleader back in the day. Edifying stuff.

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