WEEKEND MALIBU BLOGGING….Did you miss me? Or did the miracle of pre-scheduled posting fool you into thinking that I was here all weekend?

In fact, I’ve been gone since shortly after posting Friday’s catblogging. A friend of mine is a writer for the Bill Maher show, so Marian and I went up to LA to see the taping on Friday evening. Then we headed out to Malibu for a very nice, relaxing, warm weekend at the beach. No internet, no newspapers, no connection with the outside world at all — and when I got home I marked all my RSS feeds as read and consigned them to the dustbin of history. I assume Bush is still president, right?

Speaking of presidents, on Saturday we went out to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and learned that the old Air Force One was really pretty tiny. After we were done with the tour I was hoping to get a Reagan bobblehead doll at the gift shop as a plaything for the cats, but no such luck. They run a tight ship in Reagan-land, and the gift shop carried nothing that might be considered less than fully adulatory.

Wind surfers Kiteboarders were out on Saturday afternoon, and the requisite pretty sunset pictures are here. Full service blogging will resume shortly.

UPDATE: Ah, kiteboarders, not wind surfers. Thanks, Poliwog.