HEALTHCARE FOLLOWUP….So I watched the PBS show “Sick Around the World” and it turned out to be pretty good. Not a ton of wonky detail, just a nice friendly overview of five different countries and the basics of how their healthcare systems work. The Frontline website is here, and you can watch the show online if you missed it on TV.

I liked the ending. This is approximate, but after wondering whether Americans will ever accept any of the healthcare ideas he had just presented, correspondent T.R. Reid closed with this:

These ideas aren’t as foreign as they seem. If you’re a U.S. veteran, your healthcare is like Britain. If you’re a senior citizen on Medicare, you’re Taiwan. If you’re a worker who gets insurance from your employer, you’re Germany.

Quite so. National healthcare really isn’t as foreign or as frightening as conservatives make it out to be. “Sick Around the World” does a good job of demystifying it.

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