SMALL TOWNS….Tyler Cowen compiles his (impressive!) list of “anti-American attitudes.” Among them is this:

4. I could not live in rural America and be happy.

Perhaps this is food related? Tyler’s a foodie, and there’s not a lot of interesting ethnic food in the sticks. I, on the other hand, could pretty much subsist on burgers and fries every day if it came down to it, so I’d do fine.

Overall, I’ve always had a hard time identifying with the largely esthetic dislike so many people have for one style of living or another. I grew up (and still live in) the suburbs, so obviously I don’t have a problem with suburbs. But I like big cities too and I think I’d enjoy living in New York or Boston or London if the chance arose. (And I adore subways — though I’ve always wondered if I’d adore them quite as much if I had to rely on them on a daily basis.) As for small towns, they’ve always seemed attractive too when I’ve traveled through them. Very tranquil and quiet. I like that, and as long as broadband is available I can do my job just fine.

Of course, all this might change if I actually lived in those places instead of briefly reacting to them as I passed through. Jackhammers at night would dull the luster of New York, and neighbors who didn’t like me because I write a godless liberal blog might make Peoria less welcoming. Who knows? At this point, picking up and moving would be such a huge pain in the ass that it’s vanishingly unlikely. Sheer laziness and inertia will probably keep me in the burbs forever.

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