SUPPORTING THE TROOPS….Over at The Corner they’re having a rollicking discussion about Rep. Paul Broun’s effort to ban the sale of Playboy on military bases. I eagerly await Roy Edroso’s take on this, the high point of which (so far) is this plaintive cry from Kathryn Jean Lopez:

I love men. I love men being men. I love military men. And I thank God they are military men. But I find it hard to believe that all military men are “drinking and whoring Saturday night,” and if they are in any kind of majority, yeah, that bears scrutiny.

Hoo boy. On the other hand, the whole thing might be worth it just for Lisa Schiffren’s post about how the military solved the problem of ensuring plentiful enlisted nookie during the Gulf War. Turns out Romania is involved. And party ships. Just goes to show that the Army still needs the squids and flyboys after all.

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