JOHN McCAIN’S FINANCES….Even though I’ve commented on this before, I didn’t realize just how skimpy John McCain’s financial disclosure was until I read this Moneybox piece over the weekend:

Aside from a Wachovia checking account, in which he keeps between $15,000 and $50,000 (wouldn’t some of that money earn more interest in a certificate of deposit?), all of the couple’s assets are in Cindy’s name. John McCain’s tax return is so anemic, so marginal to the couple’s actual financial situation, that he doesn’t even take a deduction for interest on his home mortgage. Presumably Cindy does, since disclosure forms indicate that she has several mortgages.

Can we stop pretending to be children about this? There’s only one reason for a politician to make sure that all his assets are in his wife’s name: it’s to make sure that no one knows anything about his assets. It’s not as if McCain is the first pol to try this, after all.

Is the press really going to let him get away with this?