McCAIN, IRAQ, AND 100 YEARS….Steve Benen summarizes John McCain’s inability to make up his mind about whether we should have a long term presence in Iraq, similar to the one we have in South Korea:

  • In 2005, McCain decided Iraqis resent our military presence, so we should reject a Korea-like model for long-term troop deployment. He insisted that “U.S. ‘visibility’ was detrimental to the Iraq mission and that Iraqis were responding negatively to America’s presence — positions held by both Obama and Clinton.”

  • In 2006, McCain reversed course, and embraced the Korea model for a long-term military presence.

  • In 2007, McCain reversed course again, saying the Korean analogy doesn’t work and shouldn’t be followed. “[E]ventually I think because of the nature of the society in Iraq and the religious aspects of it that America eventually withdraws,” McCain told Charlie Rose last fall.

  • And in 2008, McCain reversed course yet again, deciding that we should be prepared to leave troops in Iraq, even if it means 100 years or more.

Foreign policy is easy when you just make it up as you go along! More at the link.

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