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And speaking of money, how much would you give to get rid of the Electoral College? Democrats hate it because of the 2000 election, and Republican should hate it because it almost cost them the 2004 election. Everyone should hate it. But what to do about it?

In our April issue, Michael Waldman says that although a constitutional amendment would be nice, it ain’t gonna happen. But there’s another solution that’s both elegant and feasible:

The National Popular Vote is a campaign to get each state to pass a law entering into a binding agreement to award all their electors to the candidate who wins the national popular vote in all fifty states and Washington, D.C. This provision would only go into effect when states whose electoral votes total a majority of the Electoral College — currently, 270 votes — sign the compact.

….Last April, Maryland became the first state to sign the compact. New Jersey followed suit in January of this year, as did Illinois in April. The measure has passed one house in seven states and, as of this writing, had passed both legislative houses in Illinois and was awaiting the governor’s signature. It is being actively debated in more than a dozen other states.

That’s 46 electoral votes so far, 224 to go. Read the whole piece for all the details.