FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Today is about favorite places old and new. Yesterday one of Marian’s coworkers asked her if she wanted a piece of cardboard that was lying around. Mais oui! Toss it on the carpet, wait about ten seconds, and it’s Inkblot’s favorite new place. He camped out on it all evening.

On the right, Domino has, for the usual mysterious feline reasons, suddenly decided that our little antique bench is once again her favorite place. Maybe it’s a summer thing? Whatever the reason, she abandoned it months ago, and then decided on Wednesday to reclaim it. She’s been there ever since. If you’re wondering what she’s looking at in this picture, the answer is: Inkblot, just outside the frame.

Need more cats? “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats” is the latest YouTube sensation, and I have to admit that their cat’s box shredding ability is pretty amazing. On a more serious note, if your cat has diabetes, check out Jonathan Schwarz here. No promises that this will work for every diabetic cat, but it’s at least worth reading.

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