ELECTION THREAD….Was I wrong? In the end, Obama won North Carolina by 14 points and Hillary Clinton eked out only a bare 2-point win in Indiana. Gas tax pandering didn’t work, the arithmetic is even more stacked against her than ever, the cable talking heads have almost unanimously declared her dead, Tim Russert says she’s cancelled her morning TV appearances, and speculation is rife that she might finally drop out. Maybe the game changed tonight after all.

It’s been pretty clear for over a month that Hillary’s only chance to win was to hope that Obama got hit by a meteor or something. In the end, though, he got hit by several meteors and it still didn’t knock him out. Short of Obama literally keeling over from a stroke, I’m not sure what Hillary has left to hope for. Maybe she’s finally figured that out.

Or not. Who knows? Consider this an open election thread.