DEBT RELIEF….The latest rumor making the rounds is that maybe Barack Obama will pay off Hillary’s $11 million loan to her campaign if she quits the race. I suppose that makes some kind of sense — and it would be a gracious and unifying gesture from Obama — but I’m not sure why Hillary would really be moved by this. She and Bill have earned over $100 million in the past few years and Bill obviously has tremendous earning capacity in the future. $11 million just isn’t a big deal to them.

Or shouldn’t be, anyway. But I suppose that kind of casual attitude toward money is one of the reasons I’m not rich.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I want go on the record as being pretty unenthusiastic about an Obama/Clinton “dream ticket.” It reminds me of the fabled Reagan/Ford dream ticket of 1980, and I’d say Reagan (and Ford) were smart to kill that idea. A strong vice president is one thing, but if you choose Hillary as a running mate you get the whole Clinton family in the bargain, and having Bill Clinton as a de facto part of the White House staff just smells like big trouble. That aside, the bigger issue is that picking Hillary would be a sign of weakness from Obama, and a completely unnecessary one. Obama certainly ought to reach out to Hillary once the primaries are over, but he can win in November on his own, and there are plenty of good, solid VP choices out there that would nonetheless make it crystal clear that an Obama White House would be an Obama White House.

What’s more, Hillary can probably do more good in the Senate than she can from the veep’s chair. I’d rather have her there anyway.