ROVE AND SIEGELMAN….Don Siegelman, the former Democratic governor of Alabama, thinks that Karl Rove was behind his politically motivated prosecution on tissue-thin charges of bribery and corruption. He’s not afraid to say so, either:

The Star: Why do you believe Rove hasn’t agreed to testify under oath?

Siegelman: He doesn’t want to run the risk of lying under oath and being prosecuted for perjury.

You know, I think it’s telling that he talks a good game. He wrote a, I think it was a five-page letter to [MSNBC anchor] Dan Abrams basically asking Dan Abrams questions about why he should testify under oath. When Conyers invited him to testify under oath, he’s dodged that, he’s skated, and I think it’s clear he’s got something to hide. Otherwise, there is no reason why he wouldn’t testify under oath.

Rove has plenty of connections to Alabama, so it’s certainly plausible that he was involved in this episode. On the other hand, Joe Wilson was famously hopeful that Rove would be frog-marched into prison over the Valerie Plame affair, and Rove slid out from under that without working up a sweat. I’ll keep hoping, but I guess I’ll be surprised if anything Rove-worthy comes out of this either.

Via ThinkProgress.

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