YET MORE HAGEE….According to pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement John McCain says he’s glad to have, the Holocaust was God’s way of punishing European Jews for not emigrating to Israel quickly enough and Hitler was His divine instrument for getting this done. Charming. Audio here. Unfortunately, AIPAC and likeminded organizations long ago made their peace with crazy Christian preachers who support Israeli expansion because Armageddon needs a proper battleground, and this means they’re unlikely to insist that McCain repudiate Hagee. Quite the contrary, in fact. They like Hagee.

Of course, this whole thing is just garden variety white crazy, and the audio clip is more than five seconds long, which means that neither Sean Hannity nor CNN will play it on a 24/7 loop. I guess that leaves it up to the mighty blogosphere to draw attention to it.

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