MORE CRAZY….Another day, another crazy white pastor. Yesterday it was an anti-Semitic rant from John Hagee (John McCain’s view: I’m “glad to have his endorsement”);

today it’s an anti-Islamic rant from Rod Parsley (John McCain’s view: Parsley is “a moral compass”). Neither of these is new: Hagee’s rant was from the late 1990s and Parsley’s rant has been making the rounds of the internet (thanks to Brave New Films) for a couple of weeks. Today, Parsley’s sermon, which has the advantage of being available in nice, high-quality video, is finally being aired for a wider audience by ABC News.

Good. Not because I think John McCain shares Parsley’s views that Mohammed is “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil,” but because mainstream America needs to understand that this kind of stuff is out there. And not just out there, but tolerated and catered to by the modern Republican Party. It’s toxic, and the people who spew this stuff need to be made toxic too. It’s time for McCain to reject and denounce.

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