THANKS….I’ll be traveling this weekend, probably away from the intertubes, so this may be my last post. I’m bringing my laptop, but I won’t have a lot of time, and Kevin is supposed to be back this weekend.

I want to thank Kevin for letting me blog here, and I want to thank everyone who’s been reading my posts, particularly those who are commenting. Political Animal has a different audience than WhirledView, and it’s helpful to hear what the commenters have to say, including the ones who throw tomatoes.

One of my big concerns is citizen participation in policymaking. I want to see more of it, particularly in nuclear weapons policy. We’re getting there, but we need more. Blogging and commenting on blogs is one part of that. I’m hoping that a new (Democratic) president will help.

So I’ll leave you with a photo of a rotifer, one of my favorite animals. Not as personable as Inkblot and Domino, but one of my favorites nonetheless.

Photo from here.

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