FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Is it Friday already? And not a moment too soon.

On the left, Domino is lounging in her usual midday spot: a nice square of sunshine coming in through the skylight. On the right, Inkblot is in his usual early evening spot: rolling around on the carpet saying, “I’m so cute, won’t you please, please, feed me?” Thanks to last night’s basketball game — about which the less said the better — dinner was a little late and he was milking the self-pity routine for all it was worth. You’d think his last meal had been days ago, not the couple of hours since he polished off the dry food.

On another note, I’m pleased to report that catblogging is spreading to even the most august publications! Over at the Financial Times, Gideon Rachman wisely ignores the blogging advice from FT’s management (“Do not write about your cat”) and explains why history’s finest leaders have been cat lovers. Also: a picture of his cat, Louis. Hopefully other FT bloggers will tell The Man where to stick his guidelines and follow suit.