OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY BRAIN TRUST….I’m not on Barack Obama’s mailing list, but Matt is, and he’s got the complete list of Obama’s recently named “National Security Working Group.” Turns out it’s…..kind of dull: Albright, Christopher, Nunn, Perry, Hamilton, etc. etc. Pretty much the collection of Democratic worthies you’d expect.

It’s probably silly to try and read too much into this kind of list, but still, it’s hard to see it and not recall Hamilton Jordan’s infamous remark in 1976: “If, after the inauguration, you find a Cy Vance as secretary of state and Zbigniew Brzezinski as head of national security, then I would say we failed. And I’d quit.’” After the inauguration, of course, Cy Vance was secretary of state, Zbigniew Brzezinski was national security advisor, and Jordan didn’t quit.

UPDATE: Several people have suggested that it’s more revealing to look at who was left off than who was included in the list. Among the more obvious exclusions: Richard Holbrooke, Samantha Power, Bill Richardson, and Brzezinski. Draw your own conclusions.