SEAN HANNITY SETS FLIP-FLOP WORLD RECORD….Taking shots at Sean Hannity is sort of like winning a pub quiz against the town drunk: there’s just not much sport in it. Still, he does outdo himself sometimes. Via ThinkProgress, here he is yesterday talking about President Bush’s deal with North Korea:

HANNITY: The news today brings a clear foreign policy victory for the Bush administration. But will the press report it that way? Joining us now for analysis, former ambassador to the U.N. and a Fox News contributor, John Bolton. What do you think this means?

BOLTON: I think it’s actually a clear victory for North Korea. They gain enormous political legitimacy….In return, we get precious little. I think this is North Korea demonstrating again that they can out-negotiate the U.S. without raising a sweat.

HANNITY: Boy I tell you they’ve done it time and time again, and I’m sorta perplexed, Mr. Ambassador, to understand why we keep going back to the well knowing that they haven’t kept the agreements in the past. Whatever happened to Reagan’s “trust but verify”?

That was the shortest lived foreign policy victory in history.

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