FIREFOX 3….So I installed Firefox 3 a couple of days ago and everything seems….fine. Memory use is definitely better, which was one of v2’s biggest problems, and everything else seems to work about the same as always.

Unfortunately, one thing that still seems to work the same as always — though I’m not 100% sure of this — is the fact that certain web pages can pretty much freeze up Firefox completely. As near as I can tell, the problem lies in the Flash plugin, which is occasionally allowed to go haywire and suck up 98% of the system’s resources, thus bringing not only Firefox to its knees, but everything else too. Whose fault this is I can’t really say, since I imagine that the OS, Firefox, and the plugin should all prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Anybody else have this problem? Or any other observations, good or ill, about Firefox 3? Comments are open.