CHART OF THE DAY…. This one is a bit of navel gazing. It comes from Henry Farrell et. al. and shows the ideological makeup of the audience for various news outlets. As you can seem “blog readers are politically very polarized. They tend to clump around either the ‘strong liberal’ or the ‘strong conservative’ pole; there aren’t many blog readers in the center. This contrasts with consumers of various TV news channels.”

This is hardly a surprise, but still sort of interesting to see in this kind of graphical format. In other not-too-surprising news, there’s this:

Blog readers seem to exhibit strong homophily. That is to say, they overwhelmingly choose blogs that are written by people who are roughly in accordance with their political views. Left wingers read left wing blogs, right wingers read right wing blogs, and very few people read both left wing and right wing blogs. Those few people who read both left wing and right wing blogs are considerably more likely to be left wing themselves; interpret this as you like.

The full paper is here.

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