INDEPENDENCE DAY CATBLOGGING…. I don’t suppose it will come as any surprise to learn that (a) housecats aren’t especially patriotic critters and (b) housecats don’t cooperate especially well with efforts to pose them. So after several abortive attempts at patriotic photo ops with the furballs, this was my final effort: I filled up a patriotic lemonade pitcher with cat food and tried to get a picture of them eating out of each side. As you can see, even that didn’t work so well. In an inversion of our usual morning routine, Domino stuffed her face in the pitcher first and growled ominously whenever Inkblot got close. Result: Mr. Alpha Cat backed off and patiently waited his turn. But at least it’s all in a nice, patriotic motif, even if they did refuse to wear flag lapel pins or hold their paws over their hearts.

And with that, I’m off for the day. Lots of craziness this week both in the blogosphere and in real life, and I need a break. It’s burgers and brats for me and mine tonight, and I’m going to try my best not to think too deeply about what patriotism really means. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all tremendously lucky to live in one of the freest countries on earth, and that means everyone is free to love it in whatever way suits them best. So to civilians and soldiers, citizens and aspirants, and Democrats and Republicans, have a nice 4th one and all.