MY DAY….Blogging was light today for two reasons, one obvious and one not. The obvious one, of course, was today’s 7-hour Wimbledon marathon. As you all know, I’m totally in the tank for Roger Federer, so I was sad to see him lose his chance to be the first player to win six in a row in the modern era. Still, if he was going to lose, this was the way to do it. Tennis doesn’t get much better than this.

The nonobvious reason is that I decided, almost on a whim, to buy a MacBook today. Call it a semi-whim, anyway. My requirement for PC functionality has declined over the years, and I finally got curious enough about how well Macs really work these days to fork over a thousand bucks to Micro Center and get one. It’s mainly going to be my travel machine, so its requirements are minimal anyway. So far, its battery has been charged, it’s made a tentative connection with my wireless network (the tentativeness is the network’s fault, not the Mac’s), Firefox is installed and my bookmarks have been successfully transferred, and I’m transferring all my music over as I type. Not sure what I’ll do next. I suppose I ought to install some kind of Office package in case I have a pressing need to use a spreadsheet on the road, but which one? OpenOffice? Something else?

Anyway, no real complaints so far except for the obvious one: we Windows users really miss Windows mouse functionality when we use a Mac. Steve Jobs’ obsession with UI purity can really be a pain in the ass sometimes.

So that’s been my day. How was yours?